Bliss - High Tantric Ritual


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Bliss - A High Tantric Ritual

2 hrs - £150 (London: £195)

A high Tantric Ritual for those that want to have a felt experience of connecting most profoundly with their spiritual beliefs using their sexual energy as the rocket fuel to get there. This ritual can give sensations of 'duality' feeling that you are the centre of the universe whilst at the same time feeling that you are the universe or existence. Words have limitations to try and explain the potential of experiences in this sacred ritual. This ritual starts as per the Tantric Lover, but then changes to integrate aspects of Tantric Massage as further preparation , all building to the sacred yab yum union.

Key Highlights: -

  • Intimate eye gazing
  • Undressing ritual
  • Body caresses
  • Awakened ecstatic energy all through your body
  • Intimate bonding practices
  • Awakened Arousal using Tantric Techniques
  • Slow, Sensual All Over Body Massage.
  • Prostate & Anal Massage
  • Body to Body Massage
  • Extended Multi Orgasmic Cock Massage
  • Sacred Yab/Yum Union Ritual
  • Reiki Style Energy Channelling
  • Steamy Hot Shower
  • Herbal tea Refreshment

This ritual begins with moments of eye gazing. It is reputed that when you look into the eyes of another, the whole universe is staring back at you. Breathing together, looking into each others eyes, building that connection together.

When it feels like the right moment I will start to undress you, slowly, with a sense of ritual. Acknowledging the Buddha inside you and honouring you in the most beautiful undressing rituals. And if you feel called, you can also offer this to me also.

Gently caressing and stroking your body. Exploring the parts of your body that make you gasp and shudder with excitement as I gaze into your eyes to witness your pleasure. Welcoming all aspects of your physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual self I will gently caress your body. It maybe that you feel some arousal at this point, relax, let your body respond how it would like to. Let is be free.

We'll then start to activate your ecstatic energy through a Tantric process called the “streaming process”, but not to worry about the techniques as I will guide you through. Its a process where we start to wake your energy up to the idea of ecstasy. This involves some massage, some listening to your body vibrations and using Tantric techniques to amplify these. This can sometimes feel like sexual energy pulsing through the whole of your body and give you some very new experiences and sensations.

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Sacred Yab Yum

Then a special bonding 'lying together' ritual where you just listen to the ecstasy that has been awoken in our bodies. You can have very profound experiences here, in those moments of silence I have experienced some amazing sensations through my body and also through my connection to spirituality.

This is where the ritual then changes in comparison to the “Tantric Lover”.

I will continue to awaken your ecstatic energy. This is a place between your orgasmic sexual energy and a highly awakened state. I will use a range of different techniques and channelled energy to awaken this state. Using your breath, making sounds of the sensations that you feel allowing the shimmers ans shudders of the ecstatic energy to shoot through your body will take you to a very awakened state of pleasure. Through focussing energy through my finger tip and directing my conscious awareness to that part of your body, I will infuse you with universal energy that often will give you gasps of sheer delight.

Once this energy is activated in you I will start to offer you deeper, slower more physical massage techniques to alleviate any held tension in your body. Focussing on your back and shoulders to begin with, this will enable you to surrender to a deeper state of relaxation. Having your buttocks and deeply massaged is releasing as you groan in the pleasure that I invoke in you. Combining back and buttock massage as I gentle caress your rosebud will send shivers of delight and arousal through your body.

Moving my hands slowly, lightly and steadily up your inner thigh will build erotic energy that will make you gasp and send you into mini orgasmic shudders as you await for the touch to intensify.

Once your ecstatic energy and orgasmic energy are awakened, I will then start to combine those as I offer you body to body massage. I get to the gym 6 times per week, so my firm muscles pressed against your body as I glide around will take you into a place of orgasmic and ecstatic sensations shooting through your body. Moving up your body, with my breath against your neck, feeling the muscled outline of my arms will take you into raptures of divine pleasure.

The anal area is reputed to be the home of the feminine energy and the place where all emotions of the experiences of your life are held. As I apply a variety of massage strokes to this area you can experience profound sensations of release and surrender. The more you surrender and go into the feminine energies that I will awaken in you can give you very profound experiences of the feminine aspect of ecstasy that when we integrate your masculine cock energy later will prepare for you for this sacred ritual. The anal walls and the prostate are gently massaged and safety is of paramount importance hence I use gloves and a silicone based lubricant.

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As you turn over I will start to awaken the ecstatic and erotic energies on the front of your body. Starting with your chest, arms and shoulders again offering slow and deep massage strokes will take you to an even deeper sense of relaxation. Your nipples will be caressed and massaged and I will encourage you to focus on the sensations that are awakened in this area. Sometimes it can feel as if you are cumming out of your chest as the energy builds up to such an intensity that can be explosive and give you the opportunity to experience sensations you are likely not to have had before.

Smooth hands circling your belly stirring the fire of your erotic energy to again give sensations of sheer delight. Hands on your inner thighs adding more intensity to the sensations, and at the peak of your ecstasy I will then bring in again body to body massage to take you even higher. Gasping, groaning in sheer delight. As you cock is stimulated in that body to body massage and through hand massage I will slowly take you higher and higher in your orgasmic states that will give you an experience of Bliss.

The invitation here is not to ejaculate, but to keep this energy inside you. Let it vibrate, let it make you feel alive, let is open you.

Everything in this ritual up this point has been as a preparation for what's next. We'll change position to sit in the sacred yab yum position, and once comfortable we'll start to bring our awareness to our breath. Breathing and visualising energy that we have created, allowing it inside the other, right inside and up inside them. And then letting it drop and into the other person. Highly intimate and can give never experienced before sensations of energy, connection and ultimate intimacy.

It can feel like the best sex you've ever had, yet you did nothing of what normal sex involves. States of complete rapture, bliss and enlightened states are available in this high sacred Tantric ritual. Your experience in this ritual depends entirely on you and your ability to be in tune with energy and your ability to surrender and be conscious of every sensation in your body and in your energy field. You could repeat this ritual 1,000 times and each one offer a different and profound experience.Book Now

This ritual is a sacred union, it is a sacred dance of tantra and is the highest, most intimate ritual of Tantra. You should only consider this ritual if you are seeking to explore the union of your sexual and spiritual energy.

As we bring the ritual to a close I will infuse your energy body with channelled universal love. A hot steamy shower awaits you to begin the process of re-integrating yourself with the outside world.

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