My experience of a 121 session with Jason


Hi Jason, just wanted to send you an email in relation to the session that took place on Saturday … It's funny, I wanted to see you on Saturday and go well out of my comfort zone and exceed expectations. Well I did, but on so many levels and not in a way I was expecting.

You mentioned that it felt like I had gone off into another area on bliss and you were right although that was not my intention, just got too aroused and relaxed that my energy transported me into another area.  I guess it was because Tantra can take me personally off into another area and let my inhibitions go. But, when I was finally able (through your kind and patient help) to transport the energy back into me and then let it all out, it was the biggest moment of all. It was like that blockage that had somehow been stopping the energy from floating through my body had finally been allowed to come through and all of a sudden in my throat and chest it felt like I was on fire and feeling the biggest orgasm of all.

Don't get me wrong, I love it when I cum and the release it gives me, but I think sometimes it just feels my body is responding the way it wants too? You said something along the lines that I never have trusted people to touch me and in a way your right. Whenever I've had sex it was very quick and not too touchy feely, none of the guy's I've been involved with have never been like that so maybe that's partly why I'm so hard to open up too.

All the sessions I have had with you have been bliss and bit by bit changed something in me. I'm starting to open my eyes at me in life, to love what I am, embrace it but not be afraid to try and change what's needed.

Anyways to cut a long story short, dah dah dah: I am coming to the Tantra festival! Not going to lie am gonna be shitting my pants before and probably sometimes when I get there, but feel it's something I need to do. It may not be for me but it's something I feel I need to do.

For now and thanks for everything. Love Chris x

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