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Masseur - Adam - x250-2

Hello, I’m Adam and I am based in the North East of Glasgow in Maryhill. Edinburgh, Paisley, Livingston, Kilmarnock and Greenock are all within easy reach of my massage studio and parking is really easy.

I’m originally from Poland but came to the UK in the past few years. I have much experience with massage and have trained therapeutically as well as Tantrically in my offering. I like to exercise and go to the gym and for me Tantra is both an extension of my sexuality but also bonds me closely to my spirituality to. I would define myself as a quiet person, but that you will experience the full potency of Tantra through my touch and the massage that I offer to you. 

I offer massage to gay and bisexual men, or to men who just love to be touched by other men. I offer a whole range of massage and therapies including Tantric / Tantra Massage, Swedish and Aromatherapy Massage, Aromatherapy Facial and even an Aromatherapy Tantric Bath and Massage.

I love to see men in their ecstasy and their pleasure and it is my aim to make sure that each of my clients leaves feeling relaxed and refreshed and that you once again feel able to cope with the world around you. I bring a natural warmth and empathy to my work and I love to work with men of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes. Your absolute pleasure is my goal.  

I offer you a safe, clean and homely studio in Maryhill and I offer my home to you connected in love and intimacy.